Saturday, July 10, 2010

They Catch More Than You Think!

Kristin and I were in the car with the kids a few days ago, listening to a recorded sermon on Church unity, when the preacher made a comment about every member of the church being "One with Christ." Patrick, the 4-year-old going on 25, piped up from the back seat with, "Dad, we're not all one. We're lots of different people!"

I hadn't realized he'd even been listening. But with the longsuffering sigh of a professor about to attempt an explanation way over his students' heads, I answered by saying that yes, we are lots of different people; but one in Christ. "That's why, in Church, we all stand and sit together, we confess our sins and sing together, and we all share one loaf of bread in communion: to show our oneness in Christ."

Patrick pondered that for a few moments before offering a final observation.

"Yeah, and that's why we're all baptized!"

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